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Sonata MexicanaManuel Maria Ponce guitar sonatas

Guitar Sonatas by Manuel Maria Ponce

"...beautiful sound, colorful and clear,... a very beautiful musical portrait of the composer." (Auftakt 1-2015)

Order No:Musicaphon M56957


TanguisimoArgentinean guitar music by Piazzolla, Calvo, Saul, Heinze & Pujol

Argentinean guitar music by Piazzolla, Calvo, Saul, Heinze & Pujol

"...exceptional is here Mangold glorious play, hence even the most critical ear doesn't miss anything. This CD is a complete success and worth listening to." (Akustik Gitarre 6/13)

"...Pure enjoyment and a royal feast for the guitar." (Concertino 3/2013)

Order No:Musicaphon M56949


Johann Sebastian BachSonatas BWV 1001, 1003, 1005

"A masterpiece... His play is very musical, his brilliant technique is only the foundation and not the end in itself. And the common thread is always present. Mangold plays with much power, but not conspicuous. In the G minor sonata we hear after a breathtaking, perfectly articulated fugue an almost tender Siciliana. And then comes a Presto that really deserves its name, and you get the feeling, Mangold tops it in the repeats. Who's afraid of his high blood pressure, can hold on the slow movements, where the musician is still more challenged - and he is very alert indeed." (Akustik Gitarre)

Order No:Musicaphon M56925


Strahlen - LichtNew compositions for solo Guitar

Works by Dieter Mack, Alois Bröder, Ulrich Leyendecker, Sidney Corbett, Michael Warren Barrett, Timo Jouko Herrmann.

New release!

Order No:Musicaphon M55726


Just Strings!Contemporary music for Guitar and Harp

Contemporary music for Guitar and Harp by Dieter Mack, Jörg-Peter Mittmann, Timo Jouko Herrmann, Veit Erdmann-Abele, René Mense and Cord Meijering (all works dedicated to Maximilian Mangold and Mirjam Schröder).

Order No:Musicaphon M56965


Latin & Spanish FantasiesPereira, Bosser, Murgui, Molina, Catalá, Serrano

Original works for Guitar and Harp (all works dedicated to Maximilian Mangold and Mirjam Schröder)

"...the musical symbiosis finds here its fulfillment... Most valuable." (Concertino)

Order No:Musicaphon M56939


Hans Werner HenzeChambermusic 1958 for Tenor, Guitar and 8 Soloinstruments

With Clemens Löschmann, Tenor and Ensemble Horizonte conducted by Jörg-Peter Mittmann (+ Apollo et Hyazinthus and Canzona)

"This wonderful disc is recommended to all serious listeners" (Fanfare)

Order No:WERGO WER 67462


Ulrich LeyendeckerConcerto for Guitar and Orchester, "Evocazione", Symphony No. 4

With the Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie, Conductor: Romely Pfund (WDR)

"This guitar concert is a gift." (Gitarre Aktuell)

"...very Webernesque to allow the guitar to always shine forth in the midst of a full orchestra. The guitar passages are obviously idiomatic and complex, showing the composer to be thoroughly familiar with the instrument. It kept my attention and I feel pleased to recommend it. Maximilian Mangold approaches it with much subtlety and persuasiveness." (Audiophile Audition)

Order No:Musicaphon M55720


Musica MágicaWorks by Cortes, Pujol, Leyendecker, Bröder, Sessler, Andriessen

With Mirjam Schröder, harp

"A wonderful recording... Mangold and Schröder have presented already in their first production a reference recording of contemporary music for guitar and harp with their excellent interpretation and therewith opened up to all friends of innovative chamber music a thrilling new musical form." (

Order No:Musicaphon M56895


Spanish Guitar MusicBy Federico Moreno Torroba

Puertas de Madrid, Pièces caractéristiques, Siete Piezas de Àlbum, Aires de la Mancha

"His playing radiates enormous sensuality, sheer joy for the sound, sheer joy for the guitar!" (Guitar & Lute)

"The Aires de la Mancha have more ease than those of David Russel." (Fono Forum)

"Mangold puts his strong and always balanced and transparent way to play completely selfless in the service of this extremely sensual and poetic music." (Crescendo)

Order No:Musicaphon M 56833


Masterpieces of Modern ClassicsStrasfogel, Genzmer, Henze, Ghedini, Leyendecker, Farkas

"Star of the month" in the Fono Forum 10/03: "Mangold does justice to the compositions ideally with his slim and clear sound and bringing out the respective compositional elements and his casual virtuosity. His mixture of lucidity and warmth of the interpretation and conceptual thought-out CDs gives him an unmistakeable style and expels him as one of the most interesting German guitarists at the moment."

"The big sovereignty of Mangold appears in the musical adaption as well as in the control of his instrument. He precisely works out the structures of the works and makes their complexity clear. Half a century is appreciated here very musically and with big sound." (Akustik Gitarre 6/2004)

Order No:Musicaphon M 56846


Romantic SerenadesDiabelli, Kreutzer, Matiegka

With Stefanie Hamburger, flute and Christian Euler, viola

"Stephanie Hamburger, Christian Euler and Maximilian Mangold make music at the highest level. This CD one should not miss, because here everything is simply right." (Ensemble - chamber music magazine)

"This CD is a pearl of the romantic chamber music and a musical jewel which earns a wide audience! The nice melodies are celebrated and the balance of the instruments is just perfect, as well as the evident joyful playing with which the three musicians absolutely persuade the listener" (Gitarre Aktuell)

Order No:Musicaphon M56903


Mozart arranged by his contemporariesCarulli, Busch, Traeg, Sor

With Heike Nicodemus, traversflute

"The playing and interpretation of both musicians is highly inspired, refreshing and shows the joyness of Mozarts music in the finest way." (Akustik Gitarre)


Order No:Musicaphon M 56883


Caspar Joseph MertzRomantic Guitarmusic

"Maximilian Mangolds interpretations are a real delightful enjoyment. Everyone interested in classical music cannot do without this recording especially those who like classical guitar music. ...Mangold takes the listener away with his selfconfident and clear sound to a journey throug the versatility of sounds of his historical instrument. Mangold proves his brilliant technic. And if this wouldn't be enough there is something more to admire: Mangold plays with his fascinating musical creativity every piece so lively. Every pianissimo, every fortissimo, an enchanting articulation or his higly emotional phrasing: he always captivates the listener with every single note of his interpretation." (

"Maximilian Mangold, who has received very good critics for his recordings of contemporary music by Henze and Mompou, has chosen an historical instrument for his new recording. The sound of this instrument has great refinement and intimacy and this fits very well to those impressions and variations. The romantic sensitiveness is played by Mangold with gentle quake, harmonical subtlety and full with longing emotions." (German Cultural Broadcasting)

Order No:Musicaphon M 56873


Federico MompouWorks for Guitar (Canciones y Danzas & Suite Compostelana)

"Maximilian Mangold succeeds here generally in playing the Canciones very full of feeling and singing. With his usually excellent sound one gladly follows the beautiful, a little bit melancholic melodies and lets himself slip out in the Catalan landscape. The dances are as well convincing to the respective songs. Mangold shows here with a lot of esprit the cheerful and mostly lively aspects of the Catalan music. Maximilian Mangold is able to show the beauty and refinement of the music and to unfold their brilliancy. A beautiful CD of an exceptional guitarist..." (Akustik Gitarre)

"Maximilian Mangold turns out as a genius interpreter of this valueable music: His playing is beyond every kind of critics, no squealing disturbs the contemplativety of this music, the several voices are absolutely clear, one forgets listening to a guitar and one feels like listening to an orchestra." (Concertino)

Order No:Musicaphon M 56853


Hans Werner Henze"Royal Winter Music" - 2 Sonatas on Shakespearean Characters

"Klassik Heute" recommendation of the month (3/2003): "Mangold simply plays everything perfect ...plastic pictures, which are superior in terms of lucidity to those of Julian Bream." (Klassik Heute)

"A new reference recording: technically brilliant, with warm and flexible sound and a lot of sense for dynamic refinements." (Fono Forum).

Order No:Musicaphon M 55711


Juan Ramón Jiménez"Platero & I" - Andalusian Elegy composed by Castelnuovo-Tedesco

"Like always Mangolds interpretation is excellent, but also the self-written introduction. The sonorig soft voice of Stefan Müller-Ruppert contrasts clearly with the guitar and sounds as well. Lyrics and music are certainly covered on each other, but both are also independent characters." (Fono Forum)

"Mangolds playing reflects the colours of the poetry in every moment, and he treats the guitar like an orchestra, there sound flutes and violins, and he lets the air in the heat of Andalusia visibly whirring. Stefan Müller-Ruppert holds in custody from first up to the last moment the tension and the listener." (Guitar Aktuell)

Order No:Musicaphon M 56839


Vienna SerenadesBy Diabelli, Giuliani, Mertz

With Kristian Nyquist, fortepiano

"Maximilian Mangold and Kristian Nyquist come to my ideal chamber music play very close and so comes into being a highly entertaining and inspiring CD! Believe me, as a critic I feel almost out of place here. There is nothing to rate or criticize here - I am just allowed to be present to an intimate conversation between two musicians..." (Gitarre und Laute)

"Mangold and Nyquist prove to be excellent soloists, who match together perfectly. They make of this pretty Biedermeier pieces, a music experience. Bravi!" (

Order No:Musicaphon M56900


Italian SerenadesGiordani, Carulli, Giuliani

With Kristian Nyquist, fortepiano

"It is the mixture of classical balance, gallant charm, naturalness, simplicitiy and elegance that is able to inspire here. I do not know how this music could be played and recorded better. A reference CD that sets standards". (Akustik Gitarre)

Order No:Musicaphon M 56875


English Guitar MusicWorks by Bennett, Walton, Britten

" of the most interesting recordings of the year." (Guitar & Lute)

"Mangold plays the nuances, shades, the coloring and the moods with great sensibility. He has his individual relation to the music and this makes the CD very much worthwhile to listen." (Acoustic Guitar)

Order No:Musicaphon M 56824


Central GuitarWorks by Dowland, Bach, Ponce, Rodrigo, Gismonti

"Flexible sound, great sense for formal structurs... He has a strong personal musical expression, because every item is an individual statement." (Zupfmusikmagazin)




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